My hand-made Glob

Okie okie, as wad u see from up here..this is my Glob. I spent 1 whole day to make it leh..actually is my LOVELY Geo teacher asked me to do de =.=..believe it or nt? i made this BEAUTIFUL Glob o..together with Jeremy..Hei, i think this glob is enough to beat other's hor? so real eh..bu yao lian.

Whatever larh..i juz post this for fun and for u the visitor of my blog can give some comment or marks for this.. xD

Well, sorry for become so bu yao lian in this post..wont be next time i guess..=D

Okie, tat's all
Bye and goodnite~
Sleep tight,
Sweet dreams~

Whatta a tiring day

I am so sad with my History's result..
I got very low this time...After i checked other's marks...i juz found tat got ten people above me ler..T.T I only lose Alison 0.02marks nia.. Haiz, i cant get top ten this time liao..sure my family will scold me de..sad sad
Sometimes i reli jealous of those who can get top ten de and i don wan disappoint my family also..i got the 12th in the last exam and this is the second time i cant get top ten ler..
Its okay, i don care anything bout wad position i get this time..what worst more are my parents wont let me go this time de.. Maybe they wont punish me but they will scold me as well.. Argh...sienz..

Fine, don talk bout the sad thing..let's talk bout today..
After school, i got the Leo General meeting. Lol! our restaurant's name changed to chicky and ducky shop..=.=..lame lar. A lot of funny things happened when we busy discussed bout our food fair.. What a busy week!!!

Alright, after Leo General Meeting we went to hv Leo Garden Maintenance..juz busy cleaning and so on nth special happened also..

Okie, tat's all for today i guess..
Byebye and enjoy ur day~