My memories in Parkson with year maybe only one time..xD

The first place we head on..
ordered three pizza~

Marry Brown there..chicken wing, pizza soft drink..


IDK when Mark took this..nt fair..-.-''
How bout you?

Oh yeah~u see NICE words in everyone's face rite?
(Big apple there)
Who r u pointing at huh?

i feel hungry again now...-.-''

we took this picture in Marry Brown there..
No matter wad..this is memories to all of us
We apprreciate it xD
Oh yeah..i saw my so-called Mother in Parkson, maybe u dono who i am going to mention bout but for some others..u noe who she is rite? hehe
Okay, tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day..

Enjoyable day..Hehe

Yay~back from Parkson, its very fun and happy because much much funny things happened liao..hehe XP
Well, This morning after i finished in church..i went to Parkson to meet with Mark, Gabriel, Rapheal and my seniors to celebrate BSMM first-aid competition, as wad i said in my last last last last post..we got number 2, very good liao rite?..haha.
Well, actually Othman got come but idk why suddenly he said he cannot come and when i busy asked him whether he wanna come or nt..his mother took his hp and directly talked to me..zzz..
Kong Pu argh...
Let's talk bout the celebration today..

I met Mark them and waited for others until 9.30. Then we went to Parkson, Mark and Gabriel them kept arguing tat they were very hungry..haiyo, WHY don you eat at home first ler? Lol..
We saw a post wanna hire worker..condition-(after PMR)Kye Fung, i noe last time u got said if u get a job under 18..tat is against the law..WHERE GOT THIS LAW de o???weirdo..

Ordered three regular pizza which cost RM36.75(include Tax) and asked me, Mark, Gabriel and Rapheal waited for the pizza. We four like sai kai kept standing or sitting there..after we got the three pizza, we headed to Marry Brown..yay~as we sat down, we were talking bout things tat happened in school while eating..Its very enjoyable..(try to think u eat with ur friends, quite a sweet memory right?) Haha, Sorry lor~i juz touch my hair one time nia, why u guys kept laughing at me..T.T..

Wad we did in this four hours???? after we finished our food i guess already 11am so we separated into two teams..the four boys(me, Mark, Gabriel, Rapheal) went to MCC to play game..nice ler xD. We played counter-strike because the others 3 dono how to play other's game liao and this is very common and easy to play. Me and Gabriel VS Mark and Rapheal..the result is?? 35 group lost..we only won 12 rounds and Mark them won 23 rounds..T.T. time we 1 on 1..i sure i will win you de..

Lalala~we went Big Apple to eat donut...then we went to New Wing(shopping). I tried to find Transformers2(original)but its very disappointed..i din found we juz like crazy people went here went there until 2.30pm like tat..we waited for our own car outside it boring? nope..juz i dono wad to describe only..and i din took my camera with me..

Mark..pls send me some photo..maybe i can upload it..thanks xD

P/S:My hair too long!!!!!!!!

OKie, tat's all for today..
Byebye and enjoy ur day