one more day..

One more day to go....PLS..i wan the exam over....NOW
Holidays are knocking my door already..Juz need 1 more day to open the door. Haha=D
Well, this time de exam....two words to describe the exam..NO COMMENT, haha=D
Whatever lar, i tried my best lw....get low low de also bor bian least i started studied three days before the exam hor..haha

Hmm, H1N1 in our school and tmrw we got to bring our own masks ler..WOOPS. Surely Cannot tell my father, later he will ask me to drink more water, eat fruits and more and more..keep repeat the same thing..haiz..

O.o, i cant wait for the coming holidayyyy >< haha="D" color="#6633ff">o.o, nth to post lw
Gotta start study too T.T