Mufti Day~

Alright, Mufti day..i am nt going to say much bout today, but let the pictures describe how we enjoyed this fun day~^^

Everyone is very energetic today and don hv the mood to study. Haha because today juz like a day that let us relax juz like wad others said bout..xD
Suai ge~nice camera eh..

Hehe, Bertram..why u always smile?

Me and Amabel xD

Nah nah...this guy liao..The most suai de gege liao.
He even noe how to him?
i will let u noe his home number o

Yoyo, Mark Ko Ko

Our senior, Mun Ying.

Kj and Ah Liaw

Our handsome teacher, Cikgu Luqman.

Our history teacher.

Three girls..Angeline, Jane, Ma Li Ting.

Eric Law.

Dono who take the picture.but its cute xD


Janice, finally i took her pictures..hehe

Alright, the Power Rangers!~lol -.-
Alright, tat's all for Mufti day..btw, i wanna took wling's picture also but she don sad..T.T. Later she angry again..
We had quite a long assembly today...we cared? definitely we enjoyed ourselves^^
Alright, tat's all for today..
Byebye and enjoy ur day..