The ENGINE is going to turn on once again.

What a pain, I am going to have my last term exam next Tuesday. Sigh...time passed really fast, without noticed the last term exam is around in the corner now. Tat's why i started to become so hardworking a few days ago, my father shocked when he saw me became so hardworking xD

Father:" Woah, Sun is going to arise from West for sure lur."
Me:" Well, I surely want to see what kind of world is that o"
Father: " Hahahaha, keep working. Want some coffee for you?"
Me:" No =.= i will make a coffee myself"
Father:" O.o. Up to you lur"

I am going to relax tonight then tomorrow, Sunday and Monday will be my last three days of doing revision on every subject. Gonna be a hard day though..Come on, cannot give up of study..i juz need to hold for two weeks more then i am free. Haha, when u are stress in study or anything else..try to think bout it positively, then everything will be better. This is what my mum told me ><><..

Today's school was alrite~ had a assembly after recess but hv a very enjoyable time during recess. We were celebrating Ma Li Ting's coming birthday while discussed bout something with others too. Next Monday is going to be a fun day also i am very sure bout it^^ the day before the exam gonna be the last day of the relaxing til the end.

Hoho, now the time is 10.06pm. I got one or two hours more to enjoy. So, I'd better stop here lerh. Hmm...

Alrite, Goodnite everyone!
God Bless and sweet dreams