Back from Parkson. Phewf~ actually cousins invited me plus i was so so bored at home so then i followed them. Watched 2012 in the cinema. It was a great movie juz so until the more than 400,000 people left..T_________T.

Fine, that's still a movie til the don take it so seriously. Oh yeah, maybe i will go out again on Monday and alao Saturday. So siao rite? Forgive me because its really boring stuck at home....i got nth to do and don tell me u gonna ask me to play computer for 24 hours until the holidays end rite? Tat's why tonite i gonna do a holidays schedule to wise use of my holidays time. Hoho, better than nth to do and waste it juz like that rite?

Anyway, i really want to go to chung hua camp but everything was too late. Argh...maybe i was too tired that time. But now, i really really bored...If can, hope the YLC camp never stop til the end of December. LOLL! Sorry...become crazy liao.

I should stop blogging. Bought a new Bleach Movie 3. So now i am going to watch it.
See ya later!

God Bless
And Hv a nice holidays!