Staring at computer for almost a day..this is my new record (5 hours in front of the computer) WOOps..tat's why my eyes now like i am forcing it nt to close down -.-''

Btw, its been some time that i din update my blog ler. Seriously..i reli dono wad to write ler and nth funny things happened around this week. What a boring week i can say. Oh ya, except Wednesday cz tat day my house had a dearly guest stayed at my house for almost three hours. Wakakakaz......guess who is it. (it has no leg, a long long and colourful body plus a scaring eyes..woo~)

My lovely guest..

My aunt so HAPPY til she fainted-.-''

Waste my time xia cz i need to call my father's friend(which live very near with us come and give this guest some gift(i mean killed it) Lols... scary xia. I don wan to meet with such kind of guest either u noe?-.-''

Whatever lar, when it dead we put it into plastic bag and threw it to rubbish bin(woops) Muahahaha~

Gtg to sleep soon.


Goodnite and sweet dreams

Hv a nice sleep to everyone of you.