Yahoo, i waited today for whole week ler..finally!..hmm, going to describe my feeling. I feel so excited because not only exam is "BYEBYE" and also the holiday....start from now! Haha, this time i pretty sucks in every subject and i sure cant get top ten liao..a little bit sad of course and my parents will scold me de...haiz, dono lar..I hv faith in God and i hope i can get top ten no matter wad..T.T

Btw, i still got a little problem now...tat is, how should i spend my holiday o?Yaya, I got BSMM camp on 10th of June..hv to go to school on 3rd of jun..about BSMM also..Lol. I will going to Parkson tonite to buy a rubik's cube and also try to buy some movies maybe Bleach, Ghost movies or others lar..depends..haha. Hmm, maybe i will go out wif my friends too..

Well, going to hv a bath now so...BYEBYE~
P/s: Happy holidayssss everyone...and God bless..

Okay, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~

My birthday~

Yay~finally the day i waited for one year..juz a little bit sad because is in the exam week. Nvm lar, no matter wad..i am going to enjoy this day. Haha, since the early morning, a lot friends greeted to me^^Amabel, Jane, Janice, Woan Ling, Benny, Preston, Mark and others..thank you all^^really thank you..xD

Haha, well..i am still waiting for my birthday cake because my mother haven come back yet. I am going to celebrate my birthday tonite at home or Parkson? Depends my father lor..yaler, daddy argh..don forget my birthday gift ya..tat two things. I had received a lot of angpao ler..they all said they don noe wad to buy so they gave me money and asked to me to buy anything i wan..xD

I am going to Parkson tonite to search for Naruto movie 5 and also Bleach..haha, i hope i can watch them juz tonite..of course, i had studied for whole afternoon and morning..its time to relax ler lar..yay~!

P/s: Special thanks to those who greeted me, gave me angpao and also gave me presents. Thanks ya^^

Okay~tat's all for today and if got free time, i will post bout the celebration tonite^^
Byebye~and enjoy ur day~

Short post..

Alright..i will nt going to update for someday because exam is coming and i cannot on my computer start from tomorrow..i hv to prepare for the coming exam..Sorry ya, and sure..after exam finish, i will continue opted my blog everyday(i guess). Well, here i wish everyone good luck in exam, do ur best, relax urself and work hard to achieve a good result^^

Okay, Tat's all
Byebye and enjoy ur best~

Happy Teacher's Day

I had to wake up early this morning because i had to go to school to celebrate Teacher's Day. O.o..All my friends arrived around 6.30am i think..woah..nice and everyone was talkative today. 7am, we went inside the school hall and waited for our teachers, while all teachers went inside the school hall. Everyone of us kept screaming there juz like crazy people, of course..i joined them

Well, its totally sad because all of the performances no more than ten nia..*.* All the performances ended around 9.30am, YAY~Me, Preston, Benny, Jonathan, Amabel, Woan Ling and Brenda went to Sun City, lol..i had to become body guard again..and one more, actually Woan Ling should treat us because yesterday was her birthday bar..fine lar. I ordered my favourite food LAKSA! after finished our food there..we went back and played outside the school hall. Well..its really sad because my Rubik cube had broken into 54 pieces..SAD..T.T. Hmm, lets see..I am the last one who went home..At home, i watched DEATH NOTE until 3pm i think..after tat, took a nap until but lazy to post tat time so i post it now.

Then i juz realized tat i haven complete my Science folio yet, luckily Janice, Michele and Annie had helped me so much. Haha, Thank you thank you! well..i guess i need to finish my Science folio before 12am. Start from now.

Okay, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~

O.o..wad to say?

Well, the first thing i wanna say is Woan ling, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hmm, actually wanna buy a cake also but Amabel them said they will buy it but who noes, this morning she told me tat she din sad. Nah~i still saw two cakes during recess, although i dono how they can get the two cakes but fine lar, better than no cake lar.

Today's school was so so so fun, maybe tomorrow is teacher's day? or today is woan ling's birthday? dono lar, but everyone of us full with energy, especially Kye Fung tat group..he always kacau wonder Amabel them said u so bian tai lar..=.=. Hmm, i still wanna find out who the anonymous is..ANONYMOUS argh, if u see this post, pls tell me who r u actually lar..u said u r nt form 5, then still got form 4 form 3 form 2 form form 1, which form are u and which class r u o?

Well, i am nt going anywhere tonight..maybe juz do some revision and play my Rubik cube, woah..i am getting addicted to Rubik cube! One of the followers of Rubik cube^^ well, this afternoon don hv badminton so i was listening to song whole the afternoon and did nth don hv much homework and the exam is getting nearer and nearer..i hate exam..reli, fine only takes one week i think, i juz need to be patient then? i can enjoy! go shopping, go for a camp and many many things.

Okay lar, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~


Nth much happened today also, btw..our class's dancers had made it to the school concert. Woah, pretty good, well done and also congraz..

Something happened to me this morning but i don hv the mood to mention here, so i juz skipped this thing lar. Yes! i can easily solved my Rubik cube but i still cant remember the fifth step..sometimes i remembered it but sometimes i, i noe i am noob but fine lar..soon i can remember all the steps ler.

Hmm, wad else..hmm..........nth ler. Well, exam is coming soon and still left no more than one week i think.. wish u all good luck, try ur best but don stress out..haha^^

K lar, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~


Today's civic and moral..juz like usual but during Maths period, teacher was totally angry..and when Mr.Yuan came to our class and and told us tat our class will be going to ::: exhibition, dono the name..sorry. When we heard tat..we were very happy and suddenly

Before recess, we had PJ..teacher asked us to push up, KNS! when i wanna started push up..they kept kacau there..qian da de..=.=, if nt..i sure i can break my record ler..i think so..dono lar..

10am, everyone juz like full with energy..because they were getting ready to go indoor stadium, when teacher asked me to tick their name..WASAI..kept saying their name there, juz like i will forget them de..don worry de by one and i sure u wont miss the bus de..and everyone ran to the bus juz like crazy people..if others asked wad happened to am i going to answer them? the bus? we were having our own fun..Jonathan them kept finding their leng loi and others talked to their friends. Me and Mark had to stand in the bus because there was no more seat for us..hey, least prepared a seat for me bar..i so good to all of you. xD

When we arrived, the bus sent us wrong place, it should be indoor stadium lar, nt outdoor stadium..well, all of us had to walk to indoor stadium. Nvm least we had fun there.
Well, the exhibition was very fun and me, Mark, Jia Zheng, and Kye Fung followed Amabel and Woan ling walked everywhere.. O.o, body guards meh? lol..We will never protect u guys unless we got $$$$..minimun..10000 each, lol! juz kidding nia lar..sorry~

We walked inside tat circle and did nth..juz walked and said a was great fun^^. After tat, we were getting ready to go back to our, after everyone was iniside the bus, teacher asked me to go inside indoor stadium again to check those who were still enjoying inside there..Well, when u were along inside the circle..u will totally found out tat there were some ghost inside there..nolar, i juz felt tat, because i heard someone talked there but when i one..o.o, fine lor..i don care, maybe i watched too much ghost movie liao..and i 100%don believe in ghost..xD lalala~don find me tonight

After came back to our school, English period had passed and YAY! don need to do oral ler..and then we juz went to Science lab..well, Science period juz noisy as usual. And Chinese? nth happened also, BTW..while i was carrying books to our Chinese teacher's car..Melissa and Cherry thought tat she(Chinese teacher) is my mother!! Wth..i laughed like, she is only my teacher lar..nth my mother..=.=

Ok, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~


Its so damn tired today..dono why, i juz felt sleepy after i came school. When i put down my bag, Kye Fung came to sit in front me and study his Geo but i was sleeping..Lol! fine lar..i lazy study again so i juz go through it. Of geo test sucks..i mean, i really don noe how to do answer some question because i forgot it! whatever don hv assembly so it was enough time for teacher to give us test..sigh

Well, nth happened during our BM period but the KH period was damn fun. I juz realized tat my name got many pronounces o..Wong Sieh Lung(Lung=English pronounce) Gabriel changed to GayBoy? lol..=.=..they even put my name into Chinese songs or others..Although they played my name but it was very funny..So i laughed with them also xD..sigh...

Science teacher asked us to do some exercise in text book and English period we went library! yay~teacher asked us to choose any book we like and read it..for? for tomorrow's oral..haiz, oral i need to prepare it tonight, Chinese calligraphy haven finish moral project my science project..all haven finish!! lol..teacher asked us to pass up before exam and the exam is coming soon ler..tat means tat i got a lot of things to do these few days so maybe some day i wont update my blog..Sorry ya~

Ok, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~

Happy mother's day!

Today is mother's day. We woke up early this morning because we need to go church..After we came back from church..guess where we went to eat? haha. We went to Marriott hotel to hv some special, kinda nice eh..i saw many people come from others cool~and and..i said my father asked me wanna buy a necklace for my mother or nt right? well..i din buy it..i gave my mother flower very good already hor? and i got said happy mother's day to my mother ler..Haha, necklace? i sure i will buy it for my mother when her birthday come..lala~^^

Btw, today is second day i play Rubik's cube..and i use three hours to solve it..finally, i solved it..YAY~~its kinda sucks when first time i played it..who know? i solved it!! happy when i saw the Rubik's cube, six faces with six different colour..haha.

Yaler, talk bout last whole my family went to eat right? its in sea world restaurent woah~all the food were nice..and we spent almost one thousand and five hundreds ringgit there..many people bar so we spent a little bit much lor..haha, nvm nvm..we share share my father paid 300 hundreds..others paid the left 1200..

Hmm, nth much bout today..and mother's day my family juz simply celebrate it..go outside to eat tonight..Lol, i got three days din hv my dinner at home ler..Haha, tomorrow got Geo test again..haiz, i think i better go to study it now. T.T..i hate it..

Okay, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~


| | 0 comments is Saturday and don need to go to school this morning which was a Yay~i woke up at around 10am i think. Well, my parents had went to somewhere to eat, lol..they din even woke me bad one, left me alone at home..lonely..

I don care so much lar..i juz opened my computer and actually nth to do also..watching online comic until my parents came back..i asked them : "Mum..why din you woke me up before u and dad went to somewhere to hv lunch? i wanna go also" guess wad my mum answer me? "haha, me and ur dad wanna go somewhere to enjoy ourselves bar..i mean only me and ur dad, we two i don wan u to disturb us" old are they already lor still think of something romantic like tat?! yucks..i juz suddenly speechless and try to forget those words sucking words..=.=

Btw, my cousin bought me a new rubix cube with formula cost RM14.50..well, still okie okie lar, tat price..Haha..=D. well, last night i went to Parkson and saw Shaw Ming and Charlena..i followed my father to necklace father asked me wanna buy a necklace for my mother or nt? it cost 600plus, i answered him,"actually i want but can u buy one for me also?". He speechless..Hahaha, he also knew tat i juz kidding nia lar..wanna buy it or nt? actually no problem de..use my father's money then,..Lol..and Dad argh..don forget the present u owe me..=D

Hmm, now i am getting ready to go outside to hv dinner..Haha actually is my mother's family invite us de..where is it? i also dono but my father will bring us there so nth much to worry bout lar..haha

Okie.. tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~

Today is so fun~

Today got two test!! Maths and also, i din study maths last night and of course..i made some mistakes in paper 2, nt sure bout paper1 but i think got some mistakes also..Geography? i did study last night and the questions were a little bit easy..a little bit nia. Today our English teacher was in bad mood, wonder why? O.o..

Yay~this afternoon got badminton and i juz back from school..Benny, Jeff and others got come also..u noe wad? Jeff is kinda pro in badminton..almost beat me I used too much energy already because after i played with Jeff, i din't rest but continued played with Benny! lol..its sucks..Btw, i aslo learnt some formula bout the rubix cube from a form one student..Claudia was learning there too~so sad..Claudia din even want to give me a try and took it away, so bad Monday i muz bully her..o.o, forgot she got Amabel and Woan Ling..they are her best friends. Haiz..i cant win them de...haiz, fine lar, forget bout this..

Yaler, yaler..i played with Hui Hui also and u noe the result? 21-13, 21-14..Haha, i beat her! Lols..forgot to ask some prices from, later kena punch by his brother eh..better don wan ler..Hmm, tomorrow don hv BSMM and also Leo..yay~i can wake up late and play piano..Haha, waiting for tomorrow start from now! Btw, i am getting ready to go Parkson! i wanna try something new from Marry Brown, my father prepares much much much money for me..guess why? juz wanna me to enjoy

P/s: Forget him/her..try to start a new life without him/her..Tat's all u can do and all the problem u muz solve it urself..wad can we do are give u all the support u need..

Okay lar~Tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day


Wth..i lost my Maths workbook?! i try to find everywhere but i juz cant find it..this is so damn...wad should i do now? anyone got extra and lend it to me tomorrow? KK book store already closed..well, luckily tomorrow got maths test and i hope teacher wont find out tat i lost my book! lol...don care lar...i lazy to study maths..tomorrow got geo test again. Sienz..why every teacher so like to give us test har? is it we cant get good result without test or this is only to show to principle tat they are hardworking and care bout our study very much? lol..pls don tell any teacher ya..later they bomb me ler..=.=

Btw, semester test only one week or two weeks left i think and i guess many already started their drive in a road which most people would dread to drive through.. whatever lar, i will start to prepare myself next Monday and tomorrow is Friday sad, my friend Preston cannot go to school tomorrow..well, he told me the reason already but i already forgot..Haiz, tomorrow will be a boring Friday without him..

This morning was boring juz like yesterday but Maths and Science's teachers were absent we enjoyed the free time very much..Mark, ky fung and jia zheng were talking something bout me..well, don wan to say it here..The "something" they were talking bout juz like shit and yucks..its disgusting..Nvm lar..forget bout this..Hmm, today is concert audition and our class's dancers were Angeline, Ma Li Ting, Jong, Liaw, Brenda, Alison, Jane and also Ling Kwong Jing..hmm, they done very well and i wan to say here also..well done.

P/s: Nothing is impossible..sometimes they juz cant forget each other..although 100 years have past..the happy they made together is still somewhere in their heart..XD

Haha, tat's all for today~

and enjoy ur day~

Normal day...

Today is juz a normal day, nth happened, nth special.. WTH?! this morning got assembly, ok only took half an hour, nt so long..and wad was trying to say were all bout the preparation for the coming concert and also others boring things. Well, during Art period, teacher asked us to draw something and colour was so wu liao so i don wan to do it and i gave my last three drawing paper to Suk Han them so i sat in front them and talked to Timothy. See, i have become lazy already..=.=, fine lor..i will do it at home but nt today and teacher din asked us to pass up. So..don need worry lar~

During recess, well..i think u guys already noe wad happened to me right? Ya..they took my, fine..i let them searched my wallet because i trusted them. I noe they wont steal it or wad de and i noe tat they will give back to me later. So, nth to worry about..^^

Well, our last two period was KH and KH teacher taught us drawing, hmm..i wonder wad were girls doing during their ERT today? cooking? sewing? Fine, fine..i better continue my post...Well, i went home a little bit late today because i left my thing in my drawer and i had to went up to my class to take it..Lol, next time i hope i will nt be like this again, later get scold by my father because he has to go to work..=.=

Ok, tat's all and i don hv anything to blog bout today ler..btw, tomorrow got maths test and also chinses test..haiz, better study first...and i heard tat Maths teacher will absent tomorrow..Yay! i dono whether it is true or nt lar..i juz heard it from someone and i forgot who is tat person

Tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day¬


3pm..the time i reached home, well...i juz want to quickly post first before i go to enjoy my lunch..well, actually..nth happened this morning. Only during the PJ, we had push up, this was so so so so unfair..because the way we(boys) push up is more difficult than girls..if we use the girl's way to push up..we sure can do more than 50 times..well, at least 50 can bar? the best record was 27 times tat is liaw kai wee and me but for girls the best record was 50 times?! okok..low than girls i noe..pls don laugh..=.= last post said tat my birthday is after exam right? WRONG! after someone told me this morning, i juz knew my birthday(5.20) and the semester exam is 5.18 until 5.29..i think so. Tat means when the day of my most happiest day(birthday)..i haven finish my exam yet..SO SO SO SAD ARGH..i cant enjoy my father's special gift and i have to wait one more! why like this de...i cant enjoy my real birthday and i have to study....why why why? i am so sad bout this...i nearly wan to kill people

Haiz..fine, don wan care bout it...i still got something have to do it now..and i haven eat my lunch yet..okay..i think tat's all for today..nth to blog about until now..

enjoy ur day¬

Happy mood~

Yay...finally reach home ler, i was so tired and no spirit this morning, dono why..maybe because of last night, i was helping my cousin until 11pm then i baru went Whatever, during the BM period, i really really really dono Mr.Ong was at the back there..i was playing there and at first i really din realize his appear, after mark told me why today's class was so quiet because of Mr.Ong..WALAO..i was reli scared tat time and scared him punish me or wad lar..

Luckily, he din even said anything to me during all the time, i was so damn lucky this time Today no much homework so i can play this afternoon ler, yeah! although my mother asked me to study but i don feel like going to study this afternoon, today is so cold, tat's why i plan on taking a nap or playing piano this afternoon, its my free time now.HAHA!

Btw, tomorrow i nearly forgot got chinese test..hmm, i haven write my calligraphy oso..nvm, i can study tonight and oso write calligraphy tonight. Hor hor~no more a hardworking student..but who cares? i still got do my homework and study oso..wad i wan to be now is not a bookworm but to normal person? dono lar..nt only good in academic but also good in sports and others like piano and drawing lar

Yeah~ my father is going to buy a new handphone and a digital camera for my birthday's present, i am so happy after hearing this, how i hope tomorrow will be my birthday and my birthday is after exam huh? cool~not only can relax but can enjoy my new hp and digital camera too. ^^

Well, exam is coming soonand only left two weeks ler..time past so fast argh..NVM lar and here i wish everyone good luck for ur coming exam.

Okay, tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day~

money money, where is my money?~

Oh no..tomorrow is monday already, i haven finish the model yet! fine, i will do it, let me write my new post first. I juz finished my church and i am so tired now..last night althought i went bed around 11pm but i juz cant sleep, i don care and i went to watch movie until 1am..finally i got a little bit sleepy. Btw, last night chatting was interesting too, amabel is getting to rob bank today huh?..well, all SKF fault, dono wad he told amabel and make amabel became so bad. LOL!

Haha, amabel said i can get 1/5 of the money but shaw ming get 2/5, the others she take it..NT FAIR!! shaw ming, u muz give 1/4 of the money u get for me~the money i receive is not enough for me to enjoy my life

Btw, benny told me tat tomorrow got geo test?! god...i din even start study yet here, i specially tell those who are 2d1 students..tomorrow got geo test(i nt sure lar..but prepare better than doing nth and wait to die there bar)GEO test-form 1 bab 9 til bab 11..haha, i wish all of you good luck too and wish me also cz i oso haven start study yet..T.T.

~Love Gives ~

Love ever
gives, forgives, outlives,
and ever stands
with open hands,
for while it lives, it gives.
For this is love's prerogative—
to give, and give,
and give."

Okay, tat's all for today

Byebye and enjoy ur day~
Wish all of you good luck again.


Today got PBSM meeting and leo meeting, need to wake up earlyler..sienz argh. But today's PBSM meeting was quite fun too, we had a footdrill training and when the girls heard "KAWAD"..they all start complain here and there for example..wad AJK lie to them lar, footdrill is hot lar and later they become black, so many complain. But, during the footdrill training..i din even heard them complain but saw they were enjoying it, wad i saw on their face were happy, fun. Lol..our commander so kelian cz they keep jio him. WEI, u guys haven see him angry lar..when he becomes serious, we cant do even one step wrong, if not..we kena punish. Sometimes i reli don get it why girls so hate kawad..kawad is fun u noe? Anyways, congraz to Cindy Wong of become the new leo president..HAHA. Okay, congraz to me too cz after ALMOST one hour of playing there, finally i reached lvl 4 in sdo..i noe i noob but hey, i was enjoying very much too.

Afternoon don hv anything special, i was juz studying and taking a nap..quite boring and i cant on my computer argh..whatever lar..wanna play piano now but my cousin is using it. Nevermind, i can wait. Otherwise, i plan on writting something else special for my blog..can anyone give me some idea? lols..

~The Color of Love~

For some folks the color of love is
Red ... fiery and hot,
For others the color is
Blue ... placid and calm,
For some it's
Yellow... caring but cautious,
For others it's
Orange ... rich and fruitful,
For some the color is
Lavender... gentle and kind,
For others it's
Purple... sacrificing and giving,
For some it's
Green ... with its go, go, go,
For others the color is
White ... pure and undefiled.
But for me the color is
Rainbow ... Red and Blue,
Yellow and Orange,
Lavender and Purple,
Green and White.
The Rainbow painted by God
is a symbol of forever-love,
And as long as there is sunshine and rain
there will always be Rainbows,
And as long as there are Rainbows
there will always be
forever-love for you
my friend~

Okay, tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day~

~Labour day~

Hooh~finally, i finished my revision on some subject. sejarah, geografi, mathematices. All of these subject are quite boring lar, but my mother asked me to study them juz wanna me get top ten in the coming exam..haiz, i wanna some free lar..thanks god my parents din ask me to go any tuition. If not, i sure i will be crazy ler. Fine, don wan talk bout is 6.30..still got 30 minutes i need to go shopping ler, Yeah~This morning was quite interesting too..i woke up at 8am and went to breakfast at 2020..2020 there was so busy until there was only left one place for us..we quickly take tat place before others get it..haha, then we ordered laksa(my favourite food)..after 15 minutes enjoyed at there..we went home because i wanna play computer liao..haha, no body i spent my time in SDO!..nearly reach lvl3 and afternoon..u noe de lar, i was studying for few subjects...i nearly wanna give up cz my brain cant inside all the things..fine fine, i juz go through it today..tomorrow i baru study again, hope i can inside all the things tomorrow..lols. NOW, i am getting ready to go outside for dinner and shopping ler..yay~Byebye

The Gift of Life

I love the gift of life, Dear God,
with all it's beauty everywhere...
blue skies, white fluffy clouds,
green trees, rocky mountains,
open meadows,
the restless timeless sea,
the black bird on my window sill,
but most of all I love dear friends,
and if you will, please give to me
a greater love for you—
my dearest friend of all.

Tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day~