Inter-school first aid competition..

Alright..finally done with my computer and Internet connection is really sucks..when i wanna upload my pictures it took me half an hour eh..=.=

Well, BSMM inter school first-aid competition i said on my title, our school got the second..clap clap. We went back home at 4pm something and it was tiring of course. Our ST.CO team members did their best already so got the second also nt bad liao lar..Congraz~

Well, these are pictures i took the last night, this morning and also this afternoon de..hehe

Last training!

R u ready members?!!

ST.CO's supporters

During competition..


O.o..jia you jia you..

This casualty was sleeping eh..=.=

Tie properly pls...

After competition...
Well, after competition..we did enjoyed ourselves very much much..hehexD

Enjoyed ourselves in training room..

Wait for result..nervous

So boring so we were playing games there..-.-''

Eh??is it ghost's leg?

ST.CO first-aid team..hehe, nice right?
Well..around 2pm like tat, we went down to hall and waited for result. We got two champion prizes but Chung Hwa beat us at overall..nvm lar. At least we got NUMBER TWO! Clappppp~
We can try next year again so don lose up ur hope..xD Once again, Congraz~
Okay..i guess tat's all for today
Sweet dreams^^