Good MOrning~~^^

Woah..woke up around 9.45am something like that. Cant blame me wad..last nite 2am liao baru slept lerT.T But hv some nice chatting last nite, hehe=D I juz noe that yuan lai got people who lives at VENUS, how good..if accompanied u back to there..i gonna tears out ler cz i cant go back to here lw..T.T hehe

Whole day is mine..i can do anything i like. So wad should i do first?
Hmm...I think i should go for Dota-ing first=D
Benny, we will one on one later but let me train my Razor first...Tata~

I am gonna miss my friends so much..cant wait to go to school><(CRAZY around)
Enjoy watching online comic too u can watch online comic here(if only ur Internet connection is good and faz^^) Enjoy that

Next week, our school still got some trial exam(SPM) haha, wish u all good luck~ and don stress out urself.

I'd better offline first ler
Father wanna use it
Enjoy ur holidays^^
God bless