so scared cz i haven start study yet. Being surrounded by project for quite few weeks so i don hv much time to study. Lol, i noe that is a excuse for myself but cant deny it..i always the last minute one. T.T

When i told my father bout this, the conversation was like this..
Me: "DAD..i wan tell u something..
Father: "WAD IS IT?"
Me: " u always ask me to go study but i wan tell u that this time i sure lose lw. Cz i haven start study yet and the time for me to study no more than 7 days ler...WOOPS"
Father: " WTH?!! others are driving their car on the ROAD already but u haven take ur key to start ur car yet?! U better get top 10 this time, if nt..beware.."

Well, that's all the conversation between me and my father this afternoon before he went to work..The way he talked to me was like..A GENERAL talked to a SOILDER..-.-''
I hv been ordered..Wad to do? start from tmrw..My mother/father locked my computer for whole afternoon..><>

Nth can happen if i still sitting there and do nth rite?
Well, gonna start to spend some little time to study ler.........
Erm..MARK STYLE..don blame me. WEE~

Go some website and watched some movie and also download some pictures to cheer me up!

Woops..this is frigging nice. WOOTS. HEHE=D

Baby" WTH R U DOING?!!?!!"

Terminator:" woops..some pretty girl are standing there..
Oh yay! so high"
K lar, gtg lw..
Enjoy ur day.