BSMM Community Service- Beach Cleaning

So sorry for the late updating..i was very tired after i came back from the beach cleaning so now i decided to post bout the BSMM beach Cleaning. It was very fun too xD

We all gathered there and listened to some speeches from Mr. Kong and also those ajk from BSMM. After that, we started our cleaning.

Rubbish were everywhere..we din't manage to pick all of them out
but we tried our BEST.
Sheena kept finding chicken bones for me =.=....
plus fish bones..
I gave Sheena my camera and let her took all the pictures she managed to take. Cz she din't wear gloves bar. Hoho~ While i busy picking up the rubbish. A lot of Fun happened during the cleaning time especially when my job was to pick up the chicken bones ><

Aww~ Janice! xD
After the cleaning, we had some warm up juz before we started our games.

warm up~ Let's Jump Let's Jump.

After the warming up, Hafreez brought us to a wide field to play our games. It was very fun too.
The first game was "guess who the murderer was" four people became murderers and we need to guess it out who the murderer was. So cool xD
Who were those four murderers?
After the first game, we had a second game. I din take this photo because i too much enjoyed in this game already. :P
The last game was the greatest one. We needed to cross line by line without got caught by those ajk. Once u get caught, u have to restart from the first starting point. Sigh....>.<

Gambateh~ Cross the line! xD
Mark and Jia Zheng very high when they finally put the seeds into
my clothes =.=..
So then we had some break time before we ended up this event. Eating, Chatting, Playing were everywhere u can see..Got some pictures too^^


Then we had a closing ceremony. Everyone was free after the closing ceremony. Some went back to home. Some played more games there.

Let's put this picture for the end of my this post.

Enjoy it ya!


P/s: Wling, Sheena said she tao yan you cz u didn't tell her that u cant make it to beach cleaning. xD

Okay, tat's all bout beach cleaning post.


God Bless