I like this song very much=D


Okie, gonna post bout this song for sure. This is really nice. When i listened to this song..i laughed like almost go to hell ler=D so gonna share it with u guys...erm..maybe some of u already knew bout this song but i also wanna let others noe bout this song^^

Enjoy~~Oh ya, stop my music player that is at the bottom of my blog there..stop it first before u listen this song.=D

Ok, tat's all

Byebye~enjoy ur day=D

some more pictures bout the banquet nite=D



IDK wad were they doing..=D

Xiu Yu=D
Okay, no more pictures bout the banquet nite ler.
Tat's all
Byebye and enjoy ur day=D

Banquet nite~=D

Oh yay~finally my sd memory card is back. Now i am going to upload all the pictures i took during the banquet nite. =D

The banquet nite is really fun..everybody especially the boys..looks very smart.
Girls with pretty skirt also~HAha=D

Well, hv a look on some pictures i took first=D

Before i went to Mega Hotel

Gathered together..chat and played=D

hmm=D the food was really really nice=D


Haha, tat's all the pictures i took..sorry ya~
But that nite was really really nice..the food also. Oh yeah, we and Jesshi became friend very fast^^..all because of that Kwong Jing lor, the first word he talked to Jesshi is “YO! FRIEND!'' ..Lol
Oh yeah, i got one more picture..but you said don wan to post it..Haha, nvm then=D
Ok, tat's all bout the banquet nite