Its time to refreshing

Hi everyone! I am back again to my dearly blog. Sorry for no updating for so so so long time. Yes, i admit it. I had been so lazy to update, but nvm~ At least today now i am refreshing my blog. Its time to change my blog skin again :P Muahahaha, gonna choose a more better one.

Well, last week was great. Although there were so many homework but still, last week was still a great great week. If u ask me why~ i wont answer you because i oso dono myself why i said last week was great. Haha, a bit sot already. Don mind me~

How bout this week? well, no comment bout it. For me, i think every week is same. Hahahaha~ This morning went to co curriculum registration. It was successful :P so, nth more bout today. This morning was all bout co curriculum registration. IF i post bout this morning, its gonna be a boring post though. Muahahaha~

Haha, laugh too much. told you i a bit sot already now. Let's see...Next week gonna be a tough week. A lot of test coming up next week, Sighhhh...i hate test so much. But i still need to face it. ><>

I was getting addicted to "stop and stare" now. Dono why, that song is so nice for me, and also "what bout now'', ''the climb'' and ''tick tock''. Hehe.

Okay~ that's all bout today. Will update again.
Hv a nice day.
God Bless xD