Busy weeks

Ughh, so damn tired. i went to school everyday this week. Include today, this afternoon got the drama practice again. Yesterday was the orientation meeting, = =. And starting from next week, I gonna stay til 6pm like that for the form 1 orientation until Saturday. Yeah, tat's why i am saying that the first two weeks are really really busy.

Anyway, i got the orientation t-shirts already. Hoohoo, gonna wear those two t-shirts for the whole week xD. And I juz found that i gonna skip almost every lesson. Duh, i should be happy bout that but there is one Chinese test next week. Teacher said gonna test us whether we suit to sit for the Chinese subject in PMR exam. Gosh, but i don think i am going to study what. Its just an exam anyway. God Bless me I can pass this exam because if I fail, I cannot sit for the Chinese subject in PMR. My parents gonna kill me that time -.-''

Whatever, the first week of school was very enjoyed one. Although mostly teacher already finished chapter 1 like Maths and Science. But still..i nt yet back to the mood to study larh. I will start to study After the orientation things of course. Hehe, enjoy first! xD

Oh yeah, this is a short post of course. And i don really hv the mood to post lerh. This year is PMR year Sighh ><

P/s: I want to sleep...-.-

Bye bye
Off to house chores
God Bless a Nice day.