What a day ^^

Yeappy..went to Parkson to enjoy this afternoon til 6pm. Woops, a new record again!! hahaha~
Well, today i borrowed Jing Yi too much time. Sorry yaaaa~i noe someone very sad cz i took him away^^

Its a nice afternoon indeed cz we watched Where got Ghost and the conclusion is..People is 吓到笑 but i am 吓到怕.. =.=''' next time i prefer some fighting movie ler xD

Whatever lar, we went to hv our lunch after the movie. Then we spent our time in CC all the time we left til 6pm like that and girls went shopping. Yeah, i played Left 4 dead and Transformer. Tat Benny dono how to play left 4 dead one..noe how to shoot everywhere and simply went around til cz so many zombies came and find us. -.-'' damn him..

Haha, alrite..fun time has finished. I'd better get prepare for the next week ler. Hv to go to school next week ler. Yeappy~ excited cz i can chat with my friends again!! xD

Okay, til here
sweet dreams
and God bless ya^^