The holiday is come to end..OH YAY~~

Tmrw.......tmrw gonna meet my friends ler. So happy cz i am be so boring around this holiday week. I want the holiday end more faster T.T Everyday at home and computer kena locked for sometime, boring xia...x.x

Tmrw hv to pass up my history project ler, i used almost whole week to finish this. Fine lar, at least i got something to do xD but every night i do til 12am liao eh..T.T hv to find all those info from buku ilmiah, internet, school magazine and also friends...if i hv a form 3, 4, or 5 sister this year, this project will be more easily for me to be done!!!

Anyways, thanks Joanne for lending me her past year projects ^^ thx so much and also others.
Mark, ask u to let me see urs essay only, but u send me ur whole project -.-'' thanks also xD
i hope tmrw don hv assembly, cz i want my test paper back. A bit nervous cz i want to see how much i get for my every subject. Hope i can get a better one..hehe

WOOPS, PMR is coming soon. are u all ready PMR students??xD
Hehe, after them is us ler. So faz...My mother said UPSR juz a small small test only. Then PMR, after that SPM(which is the most important exam in secondary school T.T). is going to end in one mroe hour left. My parents wanna me to get ready for tmrw so i cannot play more! byebye, my lovely computer..T.T


Tat's all
enjoy ur day xD day..