Its quite a fun day for me =D

Nth happened today actually but the Leo General Meeting was very nice=D

All because of Ling Kwong Jing tat guy..always made fun on seniors and forced them to fight with us..Well, the story is kinda like tat...

Actually, we went to General Meeting to listen and take notes of wad should we wear or bring on tmrw's leo installation and also Banquet Nite..After tat, they asked those who got go to line up in front of class then changed to back..

Then they wanted us to shout Three times RAWR and sing leo's song. But unfortunately, we din sang properly then KJ(Kwong Jing) said he wanted one on one with senior and became the ZHI HUI GUAN to lead us -.-'' Its kinda lol..

Well, we repeated and repeated to shout and sing until they satisfied. And we made seniors angry quite many times..always no serious one..Finally, until 11.30am..we sang last time and this time they were really satisfied..-.-''its very tired but its very fun..i am glad tat i got come today..=D

Haha, this afternoon i went to Jong's house..doing nth -.-'' we played PS2 and also computer games..watched movie and music-ing then and Frango also here tat's why we wont be so boring..haha

then nth else ler..yaler, juz now i tried my new formal shirt..its pretty nice, luckily i din buy wrong..i also took some photos(i noe i noe, zhi nian...-.-'')whatever lar..

Okie, tat's all for tonite, gtg to sleep soon because tmrw will be very busy
Haha, byebye and enjoy ur day
Goodnite and sweet dreams