Phewf~finally back from Parkson again..i went to Parkson three times juz in 2 ler. Well, this time quite many people Jane, Ma Li Ting, Ellen, Jacky, Jing Yi, Frango, Jeff and me!~

Lol, we watched night at the museum this time..its funny lar lol. Jane was sitting beside me and kept sms with others..=.=. And Jeff kept kacau me...kanasai. I will take the revenge someday de..hmph~

After that, we went to game park there(arcade?dono lar), nth to play also but we had fun very much, lazy to blog wad we did in tat game park bor..sorry~Yaler, tat time Jane and Ma Li Ting nt with us, so then we went to CC. WTH?!dono why each computer i played got problem de..waste my 25 minutes kept changing computer there..=.=. But i got played Counter with Jeff, hehe..i used Sniper killed him more ten times Next time i sure will come back here and play again because he killed me no more than 10 times and he bu shuan wo..xD

Alright, 5.30 liao..its time to go back..we waited for our car outside Parkson. Haha, kelian de Jane alone there..xD. So.........nth else ler hor? tat's all for today ler..Btw, this morning de School cleaning also very fun o.. wling argh..why u din come de?T.T

Again, my father juz told me tat we will going to Imperial(Boulevard) buy things tat i need to bring to the camp..actually i lazy lar..=.=

P/s: Sorry because i got a camp on Wednesday until Saturday evening..i hv to sleep there and i cant bring my hp..they don wan us bring our hp..Sorry ya~juz four days three nights nia..u wont angry me hor? forgive me this time ya..xD (only for my cousin nia)

P/s/s: Yaler, because of my friend..i finally found our school principle in facebook ler, thanks ya very doubt bout it..its her..try to add her also..xD

Okay, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~