O.o..wad to say?

Well, the first thing i wanna say is Woan ling, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hmm, actually wanna buy a cake also but Amabel them said they will buy it but who noes, this morning she told me tat she din buy..so sad. Nah~i still saw two cakes during recess, although i dono how they can get the two cakes but fine lar, better than no cake lar.

Today's school was so so so fun, maybe tomorrow is teacher's day? or today is woan ling's birthday? dono lar, but everyone of us full with energy, especially Kye Fung tat group..he always kacau girls..no wonder Amabel them said u so bian tai lar..=.=. Hmm, i still wanna find out who the anonymous is..ANONYMOUS argh, if u see this post, pls tell me who r u actually lar..u said u r nt form 5, then still got form 4 form 3 form 2 form form 1, which form are u and which class r u o?

Well, i am nt going anywhere tonight..maybe juz do some revision and play my Rubik cube, woah..i am getting addicted to Rubik cube! One of the followers of Rubik cube^^ well, this afternoon don hv badminton so i was listening to song whole the afternoon and did nth else..today don hv much homework and the exam is getting nearer and nearer..i hate exam..reli hate..lol, fine lar..it only takes one week i think, i juz need to be patient then? i can enjoy! go shopping, go for a camp and many many things.

Okay lar, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~