The first day I create this blog

WELCOME to my blog, A blog for u, surely u wan to noe why I choose this name? I nt quite sure but my brain suddenly ask me to type this name, maybe there is some reason in there juz i haven get the answer yet. WELL I don't noe why I will come and create this blog but maybe I saw those bloggers enjoy their blogging. Each day, they about to post their whole life in their blog, so I feel like give it a try. HAHA! whatever lar..welcome to my blog and I hope u will enjoy and also give some comments..thanks ya. Once again, thank you for visit my blog. Enjoy ur day and don miss any chance tat is waited for you. ^.^

Love, like a tree,
sends its roots down deep,
so when the storms of life abound
and the winds of adversity blow,
it shakes and bends
and goes with the flow
but doesn't break or fall.

And during time of drought
it drives its roots down deeper
so whatever comes and goes-
summer, winter, spring or fall,
the good times and the bad
it stands the test of all.