2016 Olympic

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Yeah, 2016 Olympic will be held at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil among the Four Nations that is, Spain, Japan, United States, and Brazil. Congraz and well done^^

2016 Summer Olympics bidding results

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Round 1- 26
Round 2- 46
Round 3- 66
Madrid, Spain
Round 1- 28
Round 2- 29
Round 3- 32
Tokyo, Japan
Round 1- 22
Round 2- 20
Round 3- —
Chicago, United States
Round 1- 18
Round 2- —
Round 3- —
Existing Venues
Maracanã Stadium, site of the opening and closing,

in addition to the finals of Football.

Maria Lenk National Aquatic Center,

site of Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming and Diving.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, site of Rowing and Canoeing.

Maracanãzinho Gymnasium, site of Volleyball.

João Havelange Stadium, site of Track and Field events.

Morumbi Stadium, site of football matches.

This Rio 2016 Olympic bid logo is beingused by the International Olympic Committee until anofficial logo of the 2016 Summer Olympics is unveiled.

Host city: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nations participating: 205 (estimated)
Athletes participating: 12,500 (estimated)
Opening ceremony: August 5
Closing ceremony: August 21
Stadium: Maracanã Stadium

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