Random Day

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Yay~finally my father back and UNLOCKED my LOVELY computer. Well, as u noe..i cant live without computer lw. =D

Hmm, today was fine as usual and today we had some WATER WAR..ermm, i dono what happened but girls kena kacau is true lar.....-.-'' as they poured water here and there..and Tim kena water(soi~~) well, i can say that there is nearly 92%of his uniform was totally wet. Nice try....

Assembly today...(lazy to write, wad can describe that assembly is (BORED~HIGH~then....shocked(don wan to say here, those who were in the assembly noe sure noe de lar)=D

Getting addicted to 101 IQ QUESTIONS(which is LOGIC one).
okay now, lets hv one question bout this IQ question.

In a certain bank the positions of cashier, manager and teller are held by Brown, Jones, and Smith though not necessarily respectively.

The teller who was an only child, earns the least.
Smith, who married Brown's sister, earns more than the manager.

What position does each man fill?(Tell me if u noe the answer^^)

OKay, tat's all
Byebye. I Luv meteor rain too~
enjoy ur day^^


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