My new day

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what a normal day but i juz felt like energetic once i arrived school..Maybe is i already knew bout my position which is nt quite a satisfied to my parents but whatever lar..i appreciate wad i got..
Let's talk bout today..our class was as crazy as usual..
Laughing, Jio-ing, shouting and more and more..alright, i noe teachers don like this because this is very noisy..but hey, maybe its only way we relax ourselves..Being a top class students actually is nt tat simple ok? we want some free too...
Teachers hv faith in everyone of us but where to we release those stress tat we hv? O.o..

Maths-learnt bout new chapter, going to do revision again and again bout this chapter ler..
English-What a luck tat teacher was very busy today but our discipline teacher, miss/mdm Shina Bibi had a surprise check on our hair is nt tat long right? or else i sure will get cut..
Reset-crazy time......
Sivic-pay no attention to wad teacher taught bout..juz copy the notes and then teacher let us play or something else...
History-well...wad to say. It was very boring but sometime tat funny man, Jonathan has brought some FUNNY things to wake us up...Thanks to him..-.-''
Geo-pay a very attention cz teacher taught us bout project~Lol..
After school....
We went to Suncity and met with form 5 seniors(my friends), told them tat i am nt going to kawad today but until the end..i am going because of wad??i scared....-.-''
Having much fun when i was playing badminton with others..funny things keep on happening...really relax today

Then...went back to home, took a bath..mapling and sleeping..
Doing some revision juz now and now here i am blogging..

Oh ya..Amabel, don misunderstand of wad i said in some of those was benny wrote one..

Okay, tat's all for today..
Byebye and enjoy ur day..


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