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I am nt active in blogging after all..sigh. well, U can't blame me what, while i was trying to type something out. My brain kept blocking me from getting any idea out. I really dono what to blog larh. hehe~ so here i apologize to all my dear reader, sorry for nt blogging 2 or 3 weeks i wonder?

Well, i had finished my Pra PMR test. What to say, speechless....i dono anything to say bout the Exam. I admit that i was nt study very hard for this time, maybe Chinese New Year was getting the way so i can't concentrate as much as i want. And I got nearly 80% sure that my father will keep complaining bout my results. Ish...nth comes to good if i got good results cz once i drop, he will say i drop because i always play facebook, chatting and so whatever anything bout internet >=<

Well, used to it already. haha =D let's talk bout the day after exam. that's today. one word to describe it. BORED. woke up around 7am, got myself ready and run to school to pass up bursary form with Mark. Oh yea, after that. I went to play Badminton with friends at krokop there. Haha, played til 12pm and yeah. we were like so high playing it non-stop. =D ok, Benny's some news shocked me actually. and yet he made me no mood to play after that. nt going to mention bout it here. Sigh..........lol

AND, i had been doing nth after that. Slept, woke up, ate, then here i am. Hoho, OMG. i reach my limits already. I cant blog anymore. If i continue, i bet u will read til sleep. -.-'''

k lar, tat's all for this post.
Hv a goodnite

-I am trying hard to increase my vocab-


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