My new Blog Skin xD

OMg, my blog has finally came with a newly blog skin. Hope it can become more freshy~ Still got a lot of addition din't come out with my blog..cant do it rite today because internet are so damn lagging...=.=

Dont care first, leave it aside because i cant do anything rite now and juz wait for the internet to be recover. Results are poor like something terrible in the hell. Damn lousy this time and i hope my father will try to understand my situation..the questions are very hard this time and a lot of things i studied for was no use for it T___T come??

Fine, tmrw i don go to school because of BSMM first-aid duty. Hoho, ponteng class...Lalala~ Hope tmrw at the outdoor stadium there will be a fun fun day. Gonna bring my camera tmrw also and took some of the pictures to upload in my blog.

Today school was boring as usual....Cards, Chess are everywhere..Nt going to post bout this morning. Quite lazy larh..>.<

Okay, tats all bout today
Bye bye and enjoy Ur day
God Bless

P/s: I will be update later if my Internet wont sucks like what *()*