Nite is so beautiful =)

For those who are still working for PMR. Suggest you come and sit down and take a rest.
If morning, go outside to take a deep deep breath
If afternoon, lay on the bed and listen to music for few minutes
If nite, the most good one liao. Go outside, climb out to ur house's roof and watch the sky^^

Welll, i usually do like this cz my parents always tell me nt to be too stress out and take the exam as a game although i never make it LOL..

Haha, understand form 3 guys's feeling^^ working so hard juz for no more than five Day's exam like UPSR. Whatever, may god always bless you all and never forget to pray for god. I will pray for you guys oso xD

its 11.30pm now and i think i should go and sleep ler. But today the nite sky is really beautiful and full with stars, i like it.

Gonna update tmrw again
Goodnite, sweet dreams
and God bless