A post only for you-DON GIVE UP

Restless winds hum over a deathly dry field
Sure is a dangerous weapon that you wield
Like a time bomb that you've managed to conceal
Your heart's ready to explode
Don't give up, you're too strong for that
Don't give in
Don't sink in the water
Just try to swim
Your mind's on fire with heat from the timeless sun
Now you're fighting a war never to be won
Waiting for this meaningless time to be done
Screaming at thoughts you've whispered
Don't give out, you're the strongest one I know
Don't give way
Don't accept this fate
Alone in the bed you've made
What is life if u always give up
Don give up
The goal is waiting for you.....

byebye, goodnite..sweet dreams..


Lol...almost cannot wait until tmrw liao.. I wanna get my record book as fast as i can..-.-'' then go back home wait to kena "SHOOT" by my father...xD

Btw, Chung Hua is going to hv a food fair and my friends there invited me to go...hmm, wanna go? i juz wan some friends PEI wo qu...lol

Today's school was very boring...nth to do and nth to play. Our English teacher was absent this morning so it will be others teacher sat in..nah, Mr. Yuan came to our class and asked some of us to go and helped him..i don wan this time because i wanna rest in class. Haha xD

Well, Sivic, sejarah was really really boring...but geography? Everyone was in the high mood and i had to do the toilet cleaning..-.-''so u can say me skip the last subject's period...

Yaler, i signed up as a member of Nuffnang..so click it if u see any advertisement.

When u click it..then i will get RM0.25..but u will lost nth(i guess so)Haha, so support support me a little bit..Thank you^^

P/s: Really sorry for everything i done...forgive me this time can? I promise nt to let the history repeat again..Pls...

Okay, tat's all for today
byebye and enjoy ur day..