Great day~

Quite a boring day...zzz..

Same..woke up then went to hv my breakfast..My parents gonna worked so left me with my aunt..sob sob. I cant play computer bad one..

Its kinda crazy...i watched 911 movie and some other's disaster movie. Dono why..=.=. My aunt also got watched eh..she even said when jesus come, there will be disaster comment..i dono how to say liao..Well then, i busy sms with my friends also..haha, almost bor credit liao..gonna ask my father to reload liao.

Doing nth..juz kept solving my Rubik's cube..wanna broke my record but failed..T.T. Received a message from my friend..need to go to BSMM headquarter today..time..3 til 5..woah. kinda lazy u noe..i don felt like going..only 12 people Then, I went to hv my aunt cooked many foods today good. xD

After finished my lunch, guess i did wad? watched movie again..nt disaster movie but love movie. Aww~hao lan man My aunt told me uncle ever like tat leh..gave her rose..hanging out to beach. She said i need to become like my, its hard...u noe? =.=..

Getting ready to HQ..i changed my mind ler..there are lotsa friends there and i can played with my friends..better than home lar. Well, i juz became a casualty there and let them touched me everywhere cz many WOUNDS i Chung Hwa de also got..i met someone old old friend but we din even talk ler cz i think we almost forgot each other..sob..T.T

Back...tired and went to hv a bath. Played Dota and Sdo with Ellen but i lost..T.T. Fine lar, enjoyed my dinner a lot too..After tat, i went to my room, listened to music and slept for while..too tired liao..Zzz..

Nah, lazy to post already so i skip until now..wad am i doing now? blogging, chatting, gaming and sms with Alison, i cannot sleep first because if i sleep i will lose..=.=

P/s: Don think too much!! xD

Okie, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~