Today's civic and moral..juz like usual but during Maths period, teacher was totally angry..and when Mr.Yuan came to our class and and told us tat our class will be going to ::: exhibition, dono the name..sorry. When we heard tat..we were very happy and suddenly energetic..lol

Before recess, we had PJ..teacher asked us to push up, KNS! when i wanna started push up..they kept kacau there..qian da de..=.=, if nt..i sure i can break my record ler..i think so..dono lar..

10am, everyone juz like full with energy..because they were getting ready to go indoor stadium, when teacher asked me to tick their name..WASAI..kept saying their name there, juz like i will forget them de..don worry de lar..one by one and i sure u wont miss the bus de..and everyone ran to the bus juz like crazy people..if others asked wad happened to them..how am i going to answer them? lol..in the bus? we were having our own fun..Jonathan them kept finding their leng loi and others talked to their friends. Me and Mark had to stand in the bus because there was no more seat for us..hey, guys..at least prepared a seat for me bar..i so good to all of you. xD

When we arrived, the bus sent us wrong place, it should be indoor stadium lar, nt outdoor stadium..well, all of us had to walk to indoor stadium. Nvm lar..at least we had fun there.
Well, the exhibition was very fun and me, Mark, Jia Zheng, and Kye Fung followed Amabel and Woan ling walked everywhere.. O.o, body guards meh? lol..We will never protect u guys unless we got $$$$..minimun..10000 each, lol! juz kidding nia lar..sorry~

We walked inside tat circle and did nth..juz walked and said a lot..it was great fun^^. After tat, we were getting ready to go back to our school..lol, after everyone was iniside the bus, teacher asked me to go inside indoor stadium again to check those who were still enjoying inside there..Well, when u were along inside the circle..u will totally found out tat there were some ghost inside there..nolar, i juz felt tat, because i heard someone talked there but when i checked..no one..o.o, fine lor..i don care, maybe i watched too much ghost movie liao..and i 100%don believe in ghost..xD lalala~don find me tonight argh..lol..

After came back to our school, English period had passed and YAY! don need to do oral ler..and then we juz went to Science lab..well, Science period juz noisy as usual. And Chinese? nth happened also, BTW..while i was carrying books to our Chinese teacher's car..Melissa and Cherry thought tat she(Chinese teacher) is my mother!! Wth..i laughed like hell..lol, she is only my teacher lar..nth my mother..=.=

Ok, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~