Happy mood~

Yay...finally reach home ler, i was so tired and no spirit this morning, dono why..maybe because of last night, i was helping my cousin until 11pm then i baru went home..lol. Whatever, during the BM period, i really really really dono Mr.Ong was at the back there..i was playing there and at first i really din realize his appear, after mark told me why today's class was so quiet because of Mr.Ong..WALAO..i was reli scared tat time and scared him punish me or wad lar..

Luckily, he din even said anything to me during all the time, i was so damn lucky this time argh..lol. Today no much homework so i can play this afternoon ler, yeah! although my mother asked me to study but i don feel like going to study this afternoon, today is so cold, tat's why i plan on taking a nap or playing piano this afternoon, its my free time now.HAHA!

Btw, tomorrow i nearly forgot got chinese test..hmm, i haven write my calligraphy oso..nvm, i can study tonight and oso write calligraphy tonight. Hor hor~no more a hardworking student..but who cares? i still got do my homework and study oso..wad i wan to be now is not a bookworm but a..how to say..erm..an normal person? dono lar..nt only good in academic but also good in sports and others like piano and drawing lar

Yeah~ my father is going to buy a new handphone and a digital camera for my birthday's present, i am so happy after hearing this, how i hope tomorrow will be my birthday and my birthday is after exam huh? cool~not only can relax but can enjoy my new hp and digital camera too. ^^

Well, exam is coming soonand only left two weeks ler..time past so fast argh..NVM lar and here i wish everyone good luck for ur coming exam.

Okay, tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day~