The ENGINE is going to turn on once again.

What a pain, I am going to have my last term exam next Tuesday. Sigh...time passed really fast, without noticed the last term exam is around in the corner now. Tat's why i started to become so hardworking a few days ago, my father shocked when he saw me became so hardworking xD

Father:" Woah, Sun is going to arise from West for sure lur."
Me:" Well, I surely want to see what kind of world is that o"
Father: " Hahahaha, keep working. Want some coffee for you?"
Me:" No =.= i will make a coffee myself"
Father:" O.o. Up to you lur"

I am going to relax tonight then tomorrow, Sunday and Monday will be my last three days of doing revision on every subject. Gonna be a hard day though..Come on, cannot give up of study..i juz need to hold for two weeks more then i am free. Haha, when u are stress in study or anything else..try to think bout it positively, then everything will be better. This is what my mum told me ><><..

Today's school was alrite~ had a assembly after recess but hv a very enjoyable time during recess. We were celebrating Ma Li Ting's coming birthday while discussed bout something with others too. Next Monday is going to be a fun day also i am very sure bout it^^ the day before the exam gonna be the last day of the relaxing til the end.

Hoho, now the time is 10.06pm. I got one or two hours more to enjoy. So, I'd better stop here lerh. Hmm...

Alrite, Goodnite everyone!
God Bless and sweet dreams

Woops =D

Hoho, tomorrow can go to school lerh! Can chat with friends and do school exercise again xD Better than home lar cz at home i got nth to do but study and staring at the computer =.=

Dont care larh, this morning i woke up quite early and i got Bihun goreng for my breakfast. Then here i am blogging, today is very odd because father allowed me play computer before he went to work but still...i cant play games><><

Whatever larh, exam will be held at next week..this time is last term exam so i cant complain anything what cz if i din start study from now, i sure cant memorise all of the theory, history, formula and others during the day of the exam. Haha, don think bout it first! I should enjoy myself for now first xD mother always told me:" 看开一点吧!"^^

Hehe, i should sink in my manga world for now lerh
End of this post
Good Morning to everyone!
A Sunny day for everyone of us and enjoy it!
God bless!

lonely nite..T_T

Mother went to Kuching ler..T_T
Home suddenly became quiet and no sound....
Father had to work and i am lonely again at home >.<
Tonite juz like last night, the night without mother...T_T

Well, i wonder how i wake up tomorrow because i hv to go church but usually its mother's job to wake me up. I always sleep late during Sunday =.='''

Whatever larh..i hope i can wake up myself tomorrow
Currently playing Restaurant City now and i juz lvl 3><
Nid to work hard ler nt only in game but in study too...
Last term exam is coming, PMR is going to say ByeBye lerh..All of you jia you o! Fight for last three subjects. Haha^^

Alrite~ Gtg to sleep ler
A short post for sure xD
Goodnite and Sweet dreams

Chung hua Food Fair + First Aid Duty Cabaran Sarawak.

Yeah, chung hua Food Fair was a great event as i only stayed at the rubik's cube stall to watch they solved the rubik's cube. Woahhh, its really fast and some even no more than 30 seconds...haixx +.+ Oh yeah, my mother bought a lot of satey and drinks i gave her all the tickets i bought from friends because i dono wad to buy so i juz wandering around xD

Some of the pictures!

Took from chung hua's car park there.

Rubik's cube competition.
i wonder how they solved so fast?


A lot of people and full with crowd

Some of my friends there

Alrite, tat's all for the chung hua food fair and here i come for the First Aid Duty Cabaran Sarawak. I skipped school yesterday and went to hv the first-aid duty for some of the activities at the College Tun Haji Bujang. Wow, the school compound quite big enough or even more bigger than Chung Hua and Riam. But the canteen also very far..=.=. We three first-aiders Me, Mark and Sheau Harn and three Scout members and one our school teacher Cikgu Dalang(if this is correct). Maybe u will ask is this interesting? well..i will tell u this juz boring because we juz stayed at the canteen there for almost 12 hours long =.=. Luckily during the afternoon we helped to carry some foods better than nth to do and i found that actually at the back of the college was i will tell you why later.

Let's come to pictures first!

The food that was provided for us
And we waited for the food for a really long time..

Cabaran Sarawak.
All adults one..

College's car park

During the afternoon, one of the official asked us to carry the food for the members at the end of the college there. And we had to go through this!

i think this ladder has a history of
50 years got?

After the ladder, i took a picture from the back of the college there.

Then we had to go through this..
Malam malang tidak berbau..
I will never go inside at night..

Then, we saw them..they were trying to climb down from there because
what under there was tanjung beach
and now u guys noe why i jealous of this school..
Cz this school has a very nice scenery and its build near the Beach
After school u can easily go to enjoy there if u dare larh

Wow~nice xD

Yayy, we can went back home ler...
And they were going to somewhere but i forgot liao..
OKay, tat's all and i totally spent my 12 hours there...x.x. Lol
Hmm, exam is coming soon and Tmrw is PMR exam.
Time pass really fast and so I wish all the PMR students GOOD LUCK and JIA YOU!
God Bless!

2016 Olympic

Yeah, 2016 Olympic will be held at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil among the Four Nations that is, Spain, Japan, United States, and Brazil. Congraz and well done^^

2016 Summer Olympics bidding results

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Round 1- 26
Round 2- 46
Round 3- 66
Madrid, Spain
Round 1- 28
Round 2- 29
Round 3- 32
Tokyo, Japan
Round 1- 22
Round 2- 20
Round 3- —
Chicago, United States
Round 1- 18
Round 2- —
Round 3- —
Existing Venues
Maracanã Stadium, site of the opening and closing,

in addition to the finals of Football.

Maria Lenk National Aquatic Center,

site of Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming and Diving.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, site of Rowing and Canoeing.

Maracanãzinho Gymnasium, site of Volleyball.

João Havelange Stadium, site of Track and Field events.

Morumbi Stadium, site of football matches.

This Rio 2016 Olympic bid logo is beingused by the International Olympic Committee until anofficial logo of the 2016 Summer Olympics is unveiled.

Host city: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nations participating: 205 (estimated)
Athletes participating: 12,500 (estimated)
Opening ceremony: August 5
Closing ceremony: August 21
Stadium: Maracanã Stadium

Okay, tat's all and sorry for quite a long time din update my blog. xD

Byebye and God bless

Two more weeks to destroy Last Term Exam and together 3 more days to face the PMR exam. Jia you!!