Lame post..

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Argh...dono why i cant upload pictures T__T tears me around lar!! haizzz!!!!!!
NOw i don hv anything to do. Juz staring at the monitor and waiting for the time to pass
Lame..i noe and i also dono wad am i waiting for. Maybe i am waiting for tired so that i could go and get some sleep til tmrw morning and be ready to myself for tmrw's afternoon xD

Oh yeah, i broke my record again in my Siehlung's record book. Tat is i studied my science for two hours long last nite in this holidays and i never thought tat two hours i hv already finished all my form 1 science. Sad to tell you, if u give me the question to do i sure get fail also cz i juz went through all of it.

Nahh, this is lame i noe because i am boring now..blame me cz juz now i went to get some sleep til now. I cannot sleep ler...haixxxx x.x
Time passed really fast..exam is coming soon ler. two weeks more after this week and PMR no more than 20 days ler. SPM no more than 3 months..haixxx, i hate exam sometimes cz i hv to spend all my time with more than 30 reference books and workbooks(burn them all lar!! T_T) and only come to face the exam two weeks nia. Hmm..quite fair enuf cz two weeks study two weeks exam LOL!!!

Don care me, i noe i hv been too lame liao.......-.-''
Nth to do
Nth to play
Boringness around me now

Fine lar, I'd better go and get some movie to watch ler.
Byebye, til here ya
Good luck,
sweet dreams
and God bless you a sweet nite^^


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